Road trip to Kodaikanal

I would be driving 2300km spanning 4 states in 3 days was definitely not something I had thought when we decided to leave for an impromptu trip to Kodaikanal from Hyderabad.

Day 1: Overnight drive from Hyderabad to Bangalore

We made frequent stops on the way to keep everyone awake after a tiring day in Hyderabad.

Stop 1: Vishal dances to wake up
Stop 2: Vishal does Bhangra to stay awake
Not too helpful, Vishal?

Day 2: Work from Bangalore and overnight drive to Kodaikanal

Reaching early morning, I took a nap and worked remotely before another drive, this time from Bangalore to Kodaikanal. This time we started with enough food to keep ourself awake through the journey!

Somewhere in Bangalore traffic
Overnight Drive
Reaching Kodai early in the morning

Day 3: Kodaikanal

We started with lunch at Cloud Street — a warm cosy cafe with friendly staff who helped us plan the rest of our trip.

Cloud Street

After the lunch, we headed to Kodaikanal lake. There isn’t anything exceptional about the lake except that you can rent bikes there at a cheap rate and bike around the city.

Renting bikes, we headed to Bear Shola Falls. There are sign-boards on the way to help with the navigation.

The way to Bear Shola falls

After biking for 2km, we reached Bear Shola falls, which is one of the hidden gem of Kodaikanal unlike Ooty lake and Silver Cascade Falls, which were full of tourists.

Reaching the falls

Leaving the bikes at the falls, we climbed up the rocks to explore further.

Cafe Cariappa

Day 4: Pine Forest and Berijam Lake

Drive to Bejiram Lake

Drive to Berijam Lake
Berijam Lake
View point and tea on the return journey from Berijam

Spending the day at Bejiram, we headed for Bangalore after lunch, where we stopped for a nap before continuting the drive to Hyderabad early morning next day.

Day 5: Drive to Hyderabad

It was Monday again and was time to get back to Hyderabad. Starting at 4am from Bangalore, I reached office just in time for lunch for another exciting week of engineering challenges and itinerary planning for the next weekend.