LinkedIn, Senior Software Engineer
Backend engineer on LinkedIn Ads APIs

Google, Software Engineer
Google Travel: Built and launched the Frontend and Backend for a new review writing experience on Desktop and Mobile for hotels.
Video Ads creation: First Frontend engineer on YouTube Director Mix. Read more here on TechCrunch or BusinessInsider
Inbox by Gmail: Built performance monitoring tools for Inbox by Gmail Android, now used by multiple Android teams at Google.

NICTA Canberra Research Laboratory (now called Data61), Intern
Worked under the guidance of Dr. Scott Sanner on developing a Fine-grained extension to the friend sensor model, a model based on friendship paradox for pre-emptive trend detection. We identified central users by modelling network structure from interactions of 20 million Twitter users from 2 billion Tweets

SONY Corporation, Intern
Examined brand equity through sentiment analysis of Tweets and Reviews and developed a framework to visualize branding factors in D3.js.

University of Wisconsin – Madison, Intern
As a Khorana Scholar at UW Madison, I worked on predicting the effect of transcription factors on gene expression by implementing Hidden Markov model and determined pivotal sequences at SSU72 gene enrichment sites.

Teknovates, Co-founder
I co-founded Teknovates, a firm that provided web based tools, websites and SEO services for education and healthcare industry.

I was the Director and co-founder of Wizskill where we built online practice tests for competitive exams in India.