A day in Napa Valley

On the last day of my business trip in Mountain View, I visited Napa Valley with my friends in the valley.

Korbel Champagne Cellars

We started with the free tour of Korbel Champagne Cellars, walking us through the process of making Champagne, followed by Champagne tasting.

Korbel Winery Tour

After Korbel, we drove to the famous 13th century inspired Tuscan castle Castello di Amorosa, this time for a walk around the grape wines and the enormous castle. Known for it’s great views and Italian architecture, the castle includes 107 rooms on 8 levels above and below ground and covers approximately 121,000 square feet.

View from Castello di Amorosa
Grape wines

After the tour, it was time wine-tasting. Making notes this time, we tried a set of white, red and dessert wines.

Wine tasting

A visit to Amorosa is definitely worth the time and money. For $25, you get a tour of the winery and can taste up-to 5 different wines from their collection (add $10 for tasting the premium wines).