Trip to Krabi

We visited Krabi in 2015 for an offsite. With lots of water activities and nature, combined with a short flight from Hyderabad, Krabi makes a great spot for vacation or a corporate offsite.


There were no direct flights to Krabi, so we had to arrive in Bangkok, and then transfer flights to Krabi. Since it was an offsite organized by Google, we had shuttles to take us to hotel.


We stayed at Sofitel hotel, which was the best hotel I’d stayed at until then [I was just out of college and was one month into job].

The hotel had the largest swimming pool in all of Thailand, which made it a great spot for water polo.

Saling Tour

We did an organized 4 island tour — Kai, Moore, Tup and Poda.

Getting around

Two wheelers are easily available for rent to get around the island.

Tiger Cave Temple

1,237 steps to get to the temple, but the views are totally worth the climbing.

Kayaking and Bor Thor caves

Lots of companies organize kayaking + cave tours in the area.

In all, there’s lots of things to do in Krabi that would take almost a week. However being a company offsite, it was a short 4 day trip. This trip was a month after I joined Google. Did it sent unrealistic expectations about life at Google? Nope, we had the next offsite in Mauritius, and the one after that in Hawaii.