Beginner camping in the bay area

A lot of campsites are located where there isn’t internet, water or proximity to shops and restaurants. While those campsites are certainly lot of fun, a lot of first time campers aren’t sure if they would enjoy it as much.

Here’s a campsite I’d recommend for a first time camping trip in the bay area.

Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground

It’s a beautiful campsite with along the river.


Some reasons I think it’s great for a first time camping trip, even if you’re camping with a kid:

  1. Lots of amenities: Tap water, fire pit with grill at every campsite
  2. Safety and help: Rangers and campground host on-site.
  3. Convenience: On-site firewood for sale. So if you underestimate how much wood you’d need, you can buy more from the campground host.
  4. Clean restrooms

The location right on the scenic highway 1, very close to the iconic Bixby bridge, 17 mile drive, pfeiffer beach etc which are some great things to see on your drive to the park (if you’re driving from the bay area).

Bixby Bridge

Also if it’s your first time camping, here are some things we don’t go camping without

  1. Sleeping bags, tent.
  2. Lantern
  3. Utensils: Skewers, pan, paper plates, glasses and spoon, aluminium foil
  4. Food: Meat, veggies, oil, salt, spices, bread
  5. Deserts: Coz what’s camping without s’mores
  6. First aid kit
Campsite with grills and fire pits. Just bring your own food, pans, plates and cocktails

A lot of our friends have gone on their first camping trips with us, I’ll keep updating this post as I learn more from our mistakes and their feedback. Till then Happy Camping, and post in comments if you have ideas for first time campers or questions!