Android application to find drinks similar to the one entered by the user and locate bars in India.

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Drinkify finds drinks similar to the one entered by the user from a database that covers almost all the brands available in India. We use machine learning algorithms leveraging parameters like taste, price, smell, alcohol content etc to rank drinks by similarity.


On my birthday, not knowing what to drink, I had to call friends for
suggestions because of an unhelpful bartender, inspiring us to develop
Drinkify. Once the first version of Drinkify was out on Google Play,
we realized that many of the drinks were not available in india. We
then revised the database to include only those drinks available in
india and included prices. Reviewing user feedback, we incorporated
the ability to locate bars. Hence, an update was released within a
couple of weeks of the original version. We’re now working on
improving the bar database with menu, real-time price updates and
higher location accuracy.


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