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Open Source

Machine Learning

  • Emotion Classification: Feature selection framework using Hilbert-Schmidt independence and backward elimination for EEG.
  • Smart Chat: Real-time personalized recommender for instant messaging.
  • Basis Expansion: Non-linear feature generation library using basis expansion methods like Recht and Rahimi’s Random Fourier Features.
  • OCR Recognition: Undirected Graphical Models for optical character word recognition.


  • LMGTFY Chrome Extension: LMGTFY is for all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves.
  • Facebook Birthday Response: Python script to automatically thank users and like their birthday wishes on timeline.
  • Commerce CCAvenue: Drupal module for integrating with the CCAvenue payment gateway.


  • Drinkify: Android application to find drinks similar to the one entered by the user and locate bars in India.
  • PaletteArt: Image editing application for Android to turn images into amazing landscapes in 3 clicks.


  • International Student CanSat Competition: Developed communication and Ground Control Station software for atmospheric re-entry vehicle competition securing International Rank 3 out of 40 teams in the CanSat 2012 competition at Abilene, TX, USA.
  • Doctor Diabetes: Implemented a novel image-processing algorithm into a mobile-health tool for maintaining diet logs qualifying as national semifinalists in the Healthcare Innovation World Cup 2013 organized by HIT Lab New York.
  • Sanjeevani: Developed Web application that connects blood donors, blood banks, hospitals and administration for the Australia 2012 Microsoft Imagine Cup.
  • Microsoft App-a-thon: Winner for developing the highest number of apps at the Windows Phone Appathon organized by Microsoft India Development Center.
  • Water Manager: Prototyped building complex with efficient water reuse and a program for real-time usage monitoring. Among the National top 10 and selected for the finals for the GE Edison Challenge.
  • Self-Charging Gadgets: Proposed piezoelectric charger for mobile phones. Among the National top 10 in the IBM Technical Web Contest 2011.
  • Mail Scheduler: Developed an application that enables users to schedule emails winning the Honorable mention award at Yahoo India HackU 2011.

I would be more than happy to receive feedback, ideas and I’m always looking for enthusiastic people who would like to contribute to any of my projects. Also I would love to contribute to any interesting open source projects in the broad areas of big data, social networks and machine learning.